U.S. Potato Seed

What do you get when you combine diverse geography, exceptional technical expertise and a solid commitment to quality? You get an ever-expanding selection of the best certified seed potato varieties available. These high quality seed potato varieties, along with technological advancements, have helped the U.S. to become one of the world's leading producers of potatoes. This superior technology and commitment to quality allows American growers to produce 100% more tonnage on the same acreage than they did just forty years ago. U.S. seed potatoes. This is where it all starts.

Does the U.S. have the seed potato variety I need?

U.S. growers produce hundreds of varieties of seed potatoes, and more are constantly being developed to address the needs of growers worldwide. From frozen fries to chips to table stock, the U.S. cultivates a seed potato to suit every growing condition and each end product. On top of that, disease and pest resistant varieties are currently being developed from extensive germplasm collections. These collections are the basis for many new seed potato varieties, and are utilized by traditional breeding programs throughout the United States. Germplasm collections hold the key to developing and selecting new cultivars.

How do I know U.S. seed potatoes will grow well where I will be planting them?

The U.S. is geographically diverse, with numerous areas currently producing seed potatoes. This makes them adaptable throughout ;the world. As for available land, U.S. seed producers have plenty of acreage available for further growth and success. Our proximity to the Caribbean, Central America and South America can often mean lower freight costs and faster delivery of seed potatoes. Fertile and, expansion space and our regional exporting advantage make U.S. seed potatoes the ideal choice.

How can I be assured the U.S. has the technical expertise to give me superior seed potatoes?

Every U.S. seed potato stems from the combined team efforts of skilled technicians, experienced growers and government researchers. Additionally, biotechnology, a science that selects and transfers beneficial traits to a potato variety, is playing an increasing and pro-active role in the U.S. seed potato industry. This combination of biotechnology and skilled technicians gives the U.S. a competitive edge over other seed-producing countries. The result? Seed stocks that offer disease and pest resistance in a number of potato varieties that suit the needs of international growers.

How committed is the U.S. to continuing to grow quality seed potatoes?

The production of U.S. seed potatoes is carefully monitored and regulated. Federal and state inspections ensure that producers follow the best cultural and production techniques during each stage of the process. And now, under new export standards, all U.S. seed potato exports are guaranteed to meet the U.S. #1 Seed Potato Grade. These standards were developed in an effort to lessen confusion, so international buyers will know exactly what they're getting. The quality of U.S. seed potatoes has brought success to the entire U.S. potato industry. And U.S. seed growers are dedicated to replicating these results worldwide.

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