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We raise certified seed potatoes in the San Luis Valley at an elevation of 7,683 (2342 m.) Above sea level, in the southern part of the state of Colorado in the United States. We have the highest limited generation certified seed potatoes grown in the highest valley of the country. This gives our seed a "high country plant vigor" for seed grown where the climate is cold winters, hot-dry summers, low precipitation and much sunshine.

Potato plantlets growing in vitro-containers in the lab.

Martinez Farms began at its present location in Alamosa county in 1969 by father and son Phil and Freddy Martinez. They started raising certified potato seed in 1978. Segundo and Margie Diaz took over the operation in 1986. Since then the operation has been increased with the addition of the tissue culture laboratory and greenhouse propagation facility. This addition enables us to produce our own nuclear Stocks (basic seed) to increase our generation seed program. To see more of our operation click here. To see some of the advantages of Certified Potato Seed from the United States click here.

To see a farm profile featured in the Febuary 2000 issue of Spudman click here.

Potato plants growing in the greenhouse to produce minitubers.

Varieties Grown
Variety Use or Type
Atlantic Chipping
Centennial Mid Season, Fresh Market Russet
Chieftain Red Skinned
Chipeta Chipping
Cherry Red (DT6063-1R) Red Skinned
Durango Red (CO86218-2R) Red Skinned
Norkotah Standard Short Season Russet
Norkotah Line 3 Short Season Russet
Norkotah Line 8 Short Season Russet
Norkotah TX223&278 Short Season Russet
Russet Nugget Long Season, Dual purpose Russet
Sangre 11 Red Skinned

Click on variety name to access a variety growing guide and image.

2003 Field Disease Inspection Readings


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Segundo and Margie Diaz

Martinez Farms

0721 Lane 2 N.

Alamosa, CO 81101

Office: (719) 852-2498

Home: (719) 852-4675

FAX: (719) 852-5889

E-Mail: diaz@amigo.net

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